Demonstrating Value: evolving with innovation.

Whilst value assessments are necessary to ensure that healthcare expenditure is optimal, there is also a need for a common understanding of what constitutes value, capturing what matters most to patients, society, and payers.

The 2021 Masterclass Series took attendees through the journey of exploring value from multiple perspectives, providing tools to identify consolidated and novel sources of value, and generate compelling evidence to demonstrate them.

‚ÄúDemonstrating Value: evolving with innovation‚ÄĚ explored this lively technical and policy debate, where the evolving and sometimes challenging nature of innovative interventions is not always matched by the value assessment paradigms applied by country decision-makers.

We ran five virtual Masterclasses as part of this series:

  1. Exploring Value: Novel Elements for Breakthrough Treatment
  2. Patient Outcomes: Measuring What Matters to Patients
  3. The Patient Voice: Capturing Patient Preferences in Decision-Making
  4. Adaptive Pathways: Generating Evidence of Value
  5. Innovation for Small Populations: What Should We Pay for?

All OHE lectures from our 2021 series are available to purchase individually on a mix-and-match on-demand basis. Visit our ‘On-demand tickets’ page to get access to expert insights into value.