End of Life Treatments, Societal Values, and ‘Overall’ Preference

On 4th February, OHE’s Koonal Shah gave a seminar at the Manchester Centre for Health Economics, University of Manchester. Koonal presented an overview of his and others’ research on societal preferences regarding the value of life-extending end of life treatments. His presentation summarised a comprehensive review of the stated preference literature, published last year in Social Science & Medicine. The second half of the presentation focused on some of the challenges involved in specifying a measure of ‘average’ or ‘overall’ preference in social choices. This drew on findings from an OHE Research Paper on the topic (albeit more focused on health state valuation) and research led by Rachel Baker and colleagues at Glasgow Caledonian University. The latter was the subject of an OHE-hosted seminar as part of the London Health Economics Group series.

Access Koonal’s slides below.

For more information, contact Koonal Shah.

Related research

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