The Patient Voice: Capturing Patient Preferences in Decision-Making.

Virtual | 14:00 - 17:30 BST | Thursday 8 July
15:00 - 18:30 CET | 09:00 - 12:30 EST | 08:00 - 11:30 CST

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Traditional value assessment and reimbursement decision-making often ignores value elements that are important to the patient or to wider society. These values and preferences are not adequately captured in traditional outcome measures, and so what is important to patients in their treatment journey is often misrepresented.

In this Masterclass, we move beyond narrow definitions of patient benefit to capture what really matters to patients.

We explore what matters to patients when considering their treatment options, including treatment acceptability, administration mode, and other treatment features. Patient preference studies identify the most critical characteristics of a treatment and examine the trade-offs that patients are willing to make between them.

OHE experts explain how credible and insightful evidence on patient preferences can be generated and discuss how they can be incorporated into Health Technology Assessment and reimbursement decision-making. They will discuss a range of critical challenges in considering patient preference studies in reimbursement decisions with a panel of international experts to understand when these studies can be more valuable to the decision process, and how their role can be strengthened.


Delegates join

Welcome and introduction

The ‘patient voice’ in health technology assessment?

Setting the scene
• Patient preferences in HTA
• Empirical evidence around the role of patient preferences in HTA
• Debates over the future of the patient voice in HTA

How are patient preferences elicited?

A methodological overview
• Methodologies used to elicit quantitative patient preference data
• The typical stages of a quantitative patient preference study
• The type of insights that can be obtained from quantitative patient preference data

Panel discussion 1

What is the added value of quantitative evidence on patient preferences compared to qualitative input in HTA?


Can patient preferences have a role in HTA?

The decision maker perspective
• How evidence on patient preferences can be incorporated into HTA and reimbursement decision-making
• Examples of NICE initiatives

Can patient preferences have a role in HTA?

The academic perspective
• Elements of value relevant to patients
• Empirical estimation of the value of hope
• The role of patient preference research in coverage decisions and benefit design in the US

Panel discussion 2

Can the role of patient preference evidence be strengthened?

Summary and reflections

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