Dr. David Mott

Principal Economist | OHE

David’s research interests broadly focus on the valuation of healthcare benefits. This includes describing health and valuing health states for the generation of quality-adjusted life years (QALYs) as well as the valuation and incorporation of broader outcomes (e.g. non-health outcomes or well-being) into the health technology assessment process.

David has methodological expertise in stated preference methodologies such as discrete choice experiments (DCEs), time trade-off (TTO) and contingent valuation (CV) and has used these methods to answer a wide range of different research questions. He has an ongoing research interest in the use of patient preference information in healthcare decision-making (see Mott, 2018), stemming from his doctoral research, and has spoken on issue panels at leading international health economics conferences on this subject.

David returned to the Office of Health Economics in September 2019. He has a BSc in Economics and an MSc in Economics & Health Economics, both from the University of Sheffield, and completed his PhD at the Institute of Health & Society at Newcastle University.